Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh - its you....

As Sun-tzu, a Chinese military strategist supposedly said, "keep your friends close - keep your enemies closer".

I've never thought too much of blogs as a means of communication. Blogs, from their "acronym", to their most typical usage have always struck me as the Internet, "dumbed down", or the web on 'ludes.

But if one is to understand them, and profit from them, then one has to embrace them.

Another quote I like: "Its better to light one candle than to curse the darkness". If my (ick) "blog" can in any way help further the global conversation, or even better, help me bring something good into someone else's life, then it will be worth it.

So.... what esoteric topics will you find here?

Politics. If you aren't involved in politics in the new millennium, you might want to check your pulse. Its not for everyone, but there isn't ANYONE that isn't directly affected by them. But, oh God, not another political blog! No, just occasional, hopefully rational, rants. Consider that more of a warning than marketing.

I enjoy computer games. I am especially fascinated with virtual worlds, such as Second Life and There.

I find online friendships and relationships powerful and fulfilling.

I write software for a living, and I am terribly fascinated with technology.

I have tons of non-digital interests. I'm sure some will filter through here eventually.

But MOSTLY... I love to "talk". The single greatest contribution the Internet has made is the exchange of information. A static web site can be a tremendous resource, but very few people have the depth of knowledge of one subject, or the copious time needed to maintain one.

On the other hand, we all have "nuggets" - precious little pieces of information that many people could profit from - if only we had a way to share them.

This is my attempt to share my "nuggets", from politics, to technical geek stuff, to whatever strikes my fancy.

As such it will be boring or interesting based on how closely your personal interests and mine intertwine.

Either way, I hope they intertwine often.

"Talk" to you soon!


(P.S. If you Google the title, its a line in the song "Time Warp" from the movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" - if I had to explain, I guess I'd say my blog is "just a jump to the left")


Dorsai said...

Well took the plunge eh? So did I We seem to be the last in the US to do so! Welcome the the Jungle!

Lillie said...